Thursday, November 8, 2018

Twenty-One was Fun

I have been 22-years-old for a full month now.  And so far so good, but this year is going to have to be something else if its going to top being 21.

On my twenty-first birthday I challenged myself to complete the "1 Second Everyday Challenge" using the app.  I was successful with it and now I have this little video to remind me of all of the fun things that I did during the year.  I love that I have this video to look back on.  It's crazy how one second can remind you of such great memories.  Sure, some days were more exciting than others, but I had a pretty great year.

When I first turned twenty-one I was living in an on-campus apartment with my best friend.  We had never been roommates before and we had such a fun time.

Then, in November, I went to Iceland with some family and friends.  It was the first time my brother left the country.  It was four days of craziness!

Of course, with christmas comes an assortment of fun things to do on campus as I go to a catholic school.  We participated in the gingerbread house contest and went to christmas feast.

From January to April I was studying abroad, which has to be the greatest decision I have ever made. I met some great people and had such a fun time.  I traveled in and out of Britain, my brother came to visit me, my sister, mom, and friends came to visit.  It ended up being a positive choice for so many people!

I came home just in time for Spring Weekend at my college so I got to see all of college friends before the summer started.

Summer was filled with working and friends, so it was amazing.  And then it ended with a trip to South Carolina, which was a fun-filled week to say the least.

Back at school I am now a senior, living with two close friends and two girls I didn't know until move-in day, but have quickly grown close to.  I have a packed schedule with 3 classes, 2 jobs, 1 internship, and numerous club responsibilities, but I'm making it work!

I'm so glad I downloaded this app so I can look back and see all of the good times I've had.  I find myself smiling throughout the entire video!  I can't wait to see what Twenty-Two brings!!

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