Sunday, December 3, 2023

Salem, MA | November 10-12

A friend of mine organized a long weekend in Salem, MA, for her birthday. We rented a house and spent time exploring the downtown. We shopped, tracked down the filming locations from Hocus Pocus, and ate some great food. We were back at the house playing Who Would Rather and Jackbox Games when we weren't exploring.

What We Did:

You can't go to Salem without doing a few Halloween-related activities. We went to two different museums, both of which were quick to walk through and located right in the downtown area.

Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery | $15

Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery is a horror film museum in Salem, Massachusetts, that opened in September 2007. The collection is owned by James Lurgio and includes life-sized sculptures of several horror movie monsters, movie props, and life masks of various horror actors and directors.

Horror movies aren't my thing AT ALL, so I wasn't able to identify all of the characters, but I knew a decent amount. I kind of surprised myself, if I'm being honest. Some were terrifying; all were very cool.  

Halloween Museum of Salem | $10

The Halloween Museum is Salem’s premier Halloween-themed experience, with exhibits in 10 different rooms. The Histrionic Academy LLC operates the Museum. 

The museum is decorated with neon paint that leads you from room to room. It's filled with Halloween relics like old McDonald's toys and Barbies. As well as decorated house exteriors. 

What We Ate:

The Cheese Shop of Salem
Roseadela's shop and cafe
Engine House Pizza
Turner's Seafood
The Derby

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