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Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren | Book Review

Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren 

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Reading Group Rating: M for Mature

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary: One beautiful bastard of a groom. The most beautiful bitch of a bride. A panty-ripping office hook-up turned true love everlasting. 

Wedding bells can’t chime soon enough for Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan. Chloe, exasperated and stressed by all the last-minute to-dos, is on the verge of saying “I do” to eloping. For his part, Bennett’s so worried about being distracted by Chloe’s body that he makes a no-sex-until-the-wedding-night rule that only seems to be making things worse by continually backfiring on him. As their crazy families descend for the big day- only a few of them actually trying to be helpful- the fiery lovers are about to test whether the couple that argues together can keep it together long enough to exchange rings, and not just heated words.

Cover: Chloe in her wedding dress.  It's the only cover where you see the entire face of the person or at least from hairline to chin.

Summary: Here comes the bride... Chloe and Bennett are finally getting married and Chloe is going crazy.  She wants to elope, there's too much stress that comes with a wedding and family is coming out of the woodwork for this thing.  However, Bennett decides that he doesn't want to have sex until their wedding night to make it more special.  Chloe takes it as a challenge, doing whatever she can to break him.  Bennett also tells two of Chloe's aunts that Will would have sex with them and they follow him around the entire trip.  At the wedding rehearsal, Chloe gets mad when the officiant says man and wife instead of husband and wife, but because both of them are so worked up they start making out in front of everyone, and then again in the car ride to the rehearsal dinner.  At the dinner Chloe's aunts are hanging off of Will so he grabs the DJ's microphone, calls out Hanna's name, and then proposes.  That night Bennett is ready to break and have sex with Chloe, but the wedding party comes in and takes her away because the groom can't see the bride on the wedding day.  On the day of the wedding the original set up is flooded; Bennett picks up the dresses from the dry cleaners, but doesn't close the back of the van so they end up all over the highway (Sara's bridesmaid dress ending up with tire marks across the front of it); and his wedding band gets scratched.  But they do get married!  After the reception Bennett blind folds Chloe and brings her to the hotel they stayed at for the conference, the exact same room!

My Review: I legitimately laughed out loud reading this.  The parts where they would be fighting with each other just because they knew it would lead to kissing.  I also liked that it was Bennett who said they had to wait until marriage to have sex again, I feel like it's usually the opposite.  And then just as he's about to break, the wedding party takes Chloe out of the room for the night!  I also love how Will has to try to fight off the aunts and he ends up proposing to Hanna partly because of it.  It made me appreciate the epilogue of Beautiful Player more because if he had just proposed I would have been slightly confused and thought it was just an attempt to get the aunts away, but because he already hinted at it and Hanna already said she'd say yes it made the moment cuter.  (Speaking of: I am so excited to see how Hanna's family reacts to that.  I hope that comes up in a new book.)  Also, it was so cute that they had their wedding at the same place they finally came out and said they cared about each other.  I am such a sucker for things that incorporate things that have multiple meanings or special memories like that into another special moment!

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