Friday, May 29, 2015

Third Grade Letter to Myself

A letter came for me in the mail last Thursday.  A letter that I wrote to myself in third grade.  A letter that I thought I would share with you because so much has changed in the past nine years, but some things are still the same.  So here it is:

January 25, 2006
Dear Grown-up Juliann,
I am in the 3rd grade at ----- School.  It is an elementary school, pre k to 5th grade.  My friends are ES, JP, CC, LK, C&JJ.  My friends are out of this world.  I have many other friends too.  I live on ----.  My teachers are Mrs. T, Mrs. W, and Miss S.  I'm going to do a play called The Boston Tea Party.  I am 9 years old.  I love to play soccer, lacrosse, baseball, figure skating, and swimming.  My favorite authors are Lemony Snicket, Ronald Dahl, and J.K.Rowling.  I am 51 inches.  My favorite candy is Now and Laters and Rolos.  My favorite holiday is Christmas.  I also like Halloween.  I like puppies and dogs as my favorite animal.  When I grow up I want to live in ------- like I do now.  My favorite singer is Kelly Clarkson.  I like Fallout Boy too.  My favorite colors are greens and blues.  I love to read.  I am reading Matilda. I like the Red Sox and the Pats.  I want to live in Boston because the sing says, "Boston You're My Home."  My cousins are weird too.  My friend E and I (when we were little) painted ourselves when we were in bathing suits.

Receiving and reading this letter made me laugh and cringe and reflect on everything that my life has been since third grade.  Some of the friends I talked about are still my best friends and some I only say hello to in passing these days.  I only play tennis now and that wasn't even on my radar when I was in third grade.  I still love to read, which you guys probably could have guessed.  The fact that I made sure to say I have more friends than I listed is a little ridiculous.  Also, the fact hat I said my cousins are just as weirs as I am without any talk of cousins beforehand is so random.  My reasoning for wanting to live in Boston is valid though.  HAHA No it's not.  I know exactly what I was talking about in that last sentence memory because my mom has a picture of it.  I don't remember the actual day.  This writing is just a random list of things.  However, it's fun to read because it was written by me for me.  It reminds me of where my mindset was in third grade as opposed to where I am now.

Did any of you write letters in elementary school to your future self?  Have any of you received yours back?  Wasn't it fun to read?

Smile!  I'll talk to you soon!xxx
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