Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Matt's Story by Lauren Gibaldi | Book Review

Matt's Story by Lauren Gibaldi

Reading Group Rating: High School+

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary: We've seen Ella's story in The Night We Said Yes, but now we'll hear Matt's tale in this e-original novella from Lauren Gibaldi.

Seventeen-year-old Matt had the perfect life in Orlando. He met the girl of his dreams, rocked out on bass in an awesome band, and partied with the best group of friends he could ask for. But then his family gets a call and he has to move back to Texas—immediately. Now stuck with no possibility of ever seeing his friends in Orlando again, Matt is ready to give up. But can he open up his heart to new friends and a second chance?
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Cover: The cover of this novella is very similar to the cover of The Night We Said Yes except it's just Matt.

My Review: This novella was a prequel to The Night We Said Yes and it was told in Matt's point of view.  It was nice to know what was going on during the few months before he came back to Orlando.  This story gave insight into Matt's family and how it was when his brother was released from rehab.  During this time Matt also was able to gain the confidence he needed to return to Orlando and face what he left behind.  His friends, Cindy and Kat, were a really important aspect of this transformation for Matt.  He allowed himself to open up to them, the way he did to his friends in Orlando, but this time he was able to remain friends with them when he left.  This novella was short, only 83 ages, and it was a nice read.  The only thing I wish was part of it was maybe an epilogue that took place after The Night We Said Yes ended, just to check in on how things were with him and Ella after school started.    

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