Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Everyday Magic by Emily Albright | Book Review

Everyday Magic by Emily Albright

Reading Group: High School+

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary: From the critically acclaimed author of The Heir and the Spare comes another enchanting tale of love and fame set in England, among the privileges and pressures of the red-carpet life. Maggie's dad is a Hollywood director, and he has her whole life planned: Not only will she grow up to be an entertainment lawyer and work for him, he literally blackmails her to date the boy who's starring in his new movie. But Maggie loves Preston, the British boy who stole her heart, and despite the risk that her dad will make her mother miserable if she doesn't give in, Maggie decides to go for it, designing a red-carpet gown for a young duchess that puts her and the duchess in the limelight. Once there, she turns to Preston and issues a challenge: Can a girl who has given up the glamorous life any other girl would want...be the girl for him?

Cover: The cover of this book shows palm trees and bright lights.  It's very 'Hollywood, ' but no part of this story takes place in Hollywood, so I get it because Maggie's dad is a director, but I wish it were something that had more to do with the story.

My Review: I really liked this book.  I loved The Heir and the Spare, and I still like it a little bit more, but I really loved Maggie and Preston's characters.  I loved that Maggie was a fashion designer because it's just something so interesting and something I don't know how to do so I'm in awe of the people who can sew actual pieces of clothing.  I thought her situation was also a really good story because she's trying to balance school and family and boys, and it really shouldn't have been too difficult for her, but throw in a blackmailing dad and two boys and it becomes a crazy balancing act.  I was really sad when Preston broke up with Maggie, but I couldn't blame him.  It was hard for him to explain why the girl he was seeing was also seeing a movie star, so he cut ties with her.  Of course, once everyone knew what was going on they knew the two of them had to work it out and thankfully they did.  You guys know I love a happy ending!  Also, the fact that Edmond was going to propose to Evie was said in fewer words in the ending, and that just made me all the happier, because like I said, I loved them so much.  This was a great story and a quick read.  I would recommend this to anyone who read The Heir and the Spare, and I would recommend The Heir and the Spare to anyone who loves a sweet love story, or anyone who loves Will and Kate.

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