Tuesday, September 19, 2017

After The Game by Abbi Glines | Book Review

Reading Group: Anyone who has read Under the Lights

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Synopsis: Three years ago Riley Young fled from Lawton, Alabama. After accusing the oldest Lawton son, Rhett, of rape the town turned against her and she had no option but to leave. Now, she's back but she's not at Lawton High finishing up her senior year. She's at home raising the two year old little girl that no one believed was Rhett Lawton's. Rhett is off at college living the life he was afraid he'd lose with Riley's accusation and Riley agrees to move back to Lawton so her parents can be near her grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer's. The town hasn't forgot their hate for her and she hasn't forgot the way they turned on her. When Brady Higgens finds Riley and her daughter Bryony stranded on the side of the road in a rain storm he pulls over and gives them ride. Not because he cares about Riley but because of the kid. But after that simple car ride he begins to question everything he thought he knew. Could he believe Riley and risk losing everything?

Cover: This cover is very similar to the other two in the Field Party series that it has a group of kids hanging out with a football field in the background.  I think the bonfire may represent the last field party they all attend at the end of the novel.

My Review: You guys all know I loved Until Friday Night and Under the Lights, but I think this one comes in second place (The original book in this series will always be my favorite I think) and is definitely the saddest of the three.  First, there's Riley who was run out of town when she was fifteen because everyone called her a liar.  As much as that stinks, her story isn't sad because by the time it starts shes overcome all of that stuff and is just living as her best self.  Then there's Brady, who has a great life and even admits he's never really had to work too hard for anything besides football, but even then he's still a nice guy.  Until he discovers his father is cheating on his mom.  That broke my heart because his parents were the type that everyone else around him wanted.  His life got flipped upside down right when his team was counting on him to bring them through the playoffs.  He drinks, he's angry, and the only person he can turn to is someone everyone around him hates because they all think she's a liar.  Brady goes from having no cares in the world to someone who has to change the minds of an entire town, wrap his head around the fact that the man he has always looked up to is a liar, and try to win a title for his team.  I loved this book because it seems the most relatable than the other three in the series.  I also thought it was interesting that at the end of it all, all three senior boys on the football team ended up losing their dads in some way, all within their senior year football season.     

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