Saturday, December 30, 2017

Broken Silence by Natasha Preston | Book Review

Reading Group: Anyone who's read Silence

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Synopses: It has been four years since Oakley, her mum, and brother fled to Australia. With the trials looming, she makes the decision to return to England. Oakley is desperate for closure so she can put the past behind her and move on with her life. How will she cope when she comes face to face with the two people that hurt her the most, and the one person that she hurt the most? Her love for Cole never faded, but how will he react to her return after so long? Will they be able to put everything behind them in order to have a happy ending?

Cover: On this cover, you get to see some of Oakley's face as she's letting everyone into her world and revealing her secrets.  It appears that she is on a beach, which is where she would go for walks in Australia in order to have some time to herself.

My Review: I actually liked this book more than the first one and stayed up all night to read it in one sitting.  I liked it because she was letting people know what happened to her and she was finally giving the details that would give justice to her and anyone else affected by the abuses of her father and Frank.  Of course, this was incredibly difficult for Oakley, and she had her moments when she didn't know what exactly what the right thing to do was.  She decided that as long as she told the absolute truth, she would be able to find closure and hoped that the truth would be believed by the jury.
And of course, there was also the situation between her and Cole.  The two of them loved each other, but at first, it was as if they were trying to see if logistically it was worth the heartache to move their relationship back to what it was before Oakley left in case she left again.  Eventually, Cole is the one to come forward and decide he didn't care, he just wanted to be with Oakley.  By the end of the story, Oakley is finally able to take a deep breath and be happy with everything in her life for the first time ever.  She has no trials looming over her or no reason to wonder what the love of her life was doing, she was happy, and it was entirely deserved.
I think the reason I couldn't but this story away until the very end was because at the beginning I was wondering when they would get back together and then once they did the story turned toward the trial and I wanted to know how that was going to turn out.  There was a lot of events going on in Oakley's life that were all happening at once, and I couldn't go to bed without knowing the answers to everything.

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