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Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren | Book Review

Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren 
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Reading Group Rating: M for Mature

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary: Unlike her best friends Mia and Lola, Harlow Vega has a reputation for always being up for a fling.  Twelve drunk and wild hours in Sin City married to ridiculously hot and rugged Canadian fisherman Finn Roberts, who (no surprise) is amazing with his muscular hands--and his lips and the rest of his body--was just her speed.

But it was just a think: dirty, rowdy, and easy...until Finn turns up in her hometown on business.  Harlow's not ready to be tied down, but when the whole crew is hanging out together, there's just something about him.  It may not be love (hell, it may not even be like), but their exciting, tension-filled hookups provide the perfect distraction from the scary life changes they're both facing -- challenges neither is sure how to handle, let alone fix.  One night together turns into two, and soon Finn's mysterious business trip has gone on for weeks.  They agreed on the sex--wild, wet, kinky-- but now their border-crossing booty call is starting to feel like the real deal.  And for two people used to being in control, taking the ultimate plunge by falling in love feels a lot more like fat out falling.

Cover: Finn.  Standoff pose with his arms crossed in front of his chest.  Classic "don't come near me, don't talk to me, don't even look at me."  And of course, only half a face.

Summary:  Finn's in San Diego.  He seems to be here for Oliver's comic book store opening, but it's more than that.  His brothers and dad sent him to meet with the producers who want to make a reality show out of their fishing business because he's the only one who doesn't like the idea.  Harlow's mom was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, same thing that Finn's mom died from.  They both need each other.  Finn needs someone to confide in and Harlow needs a distraction.  But distraction quickly leads to real feelings and neither of them know how to handle it.  They stop hanging out together for a little bit before realizing that it's okay to admit to each other that they care.  Harlow tries to help Finn out.  She asks a director friend if he would fix up Finn's boats and use them in his movie instead of Finn having to go on a reality show.  Finn gets really mad at Harlow for going behind his back and giving so much personal information to someone Finn doesn't know.  He goes back to Canada without saying goodbye to Harlow.  She starts working for that director and goes to Canada with him to help film.  She goes to talk to Finn, but he gives her the cold shoulder and barely talks to her.  He calls Mia that night to ask for advice and she basically tells him to run to Harlow's hotel, which he does, obviously, he's not stupid.  They end up together and Harlow makes a comment about Finn having her as his hot wife.  He can't believe that their on the same page and even though its not right away, they both want to remarry each other.

My Review: Oh these two...They're both the type to keep things to themselves and try to fix everything alone.  How they managed to be good together is beyond me, but love is love.  Harlow is the kind of girl who tries to surprise people with her ability to fix things, but doesn't always realize that some people just need to talk about their problems, they doth need her to go behind their backs and try to fix it.  I think a lot of people can relate to that.  Finn doesn't tell people anything until it's certain and already achieved.  People, myself included, can relate to that as well.  They hate each other, but they love each other.  Obviously, they're going to end up together.  This is just another excellent read from Christina Lauren.
This book does kind of end vaguely.  They're together and obviously I love that, but what's next?  Harlow is working in Canada at the moment so she can be with Finn while she's there, but what about after that?  Her life is in San Diego and Finn is tied to Canada with the show and his business.  In the book he does ask Ansel how the long distance thing worked for him and Mia which leads you to believe that he would be willing to do that, but for how long?  Ansel was ready to move once Mia left Paris, but he had to stay until the end of his case.  Finn's job isn't just going to end.  Harlow is going to have to move to Canada and I just can't see that.  I have a feeling that Christina Lauren will answer this in an upcoming novel.  I think that Lola and Oliver are going to get a story and if it's not in that there will be a novella probably.  Or it might even be in Beautiful Secret because that's about Niall and Ruby and Ruby was supposed to be Lola and London's roommate.  Who knows when it;s going to be cleared up, but I have a good feeling it will be somehow.

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