Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gemini by Carol Cassella | Book Review

Gemini by Carol Cassella  

Reading Group: High School+

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary: Gemini is an unforgettable novel—a morality tale, a mystery, and a love story that will leave readers breathless” (Maria Semple, New York Times bestselling author of Where’d You Go, Bernadette).

As should be the case with any memorable love story, the first time Raney Remington saw Bo she hated him. 

When the skinny kid from the city first arrives in her Pacific Northwest hometown, Raney doesn’t quite know what to make of him. Yet her intense dislike of the know-it-all bookworm softens as Bo latches on to Raney, eager to learn about the Washington island he’s been sent for the summer. 

Decades later Dr. Charlotte Reese finds herself fighting to keep an unconscious ICU patient stable while also unwrapping the mystery of the unconscious woman, the victim of a hit-and-run. Consumed by questions about the woman’s identity, Charlotte enlists Eric, her journalist boyfriend, to investigate. Their search for answers brings them to heartrending truths about Jane Doe―and themselves.

In beautiful interwoven storytelling, master of medical drama Carol Cassella presents two women—lifetimes apart—who face the inescapable forces shaping their lives. Filled with stunning medical detail and set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, Gemini is a vivid novel of moral complexity and emotional depth that “is just what the doctor ordered” (People).

Cover: The cover of this book shows two women looking at each other with the forest overlayed on their faces.  It looks like the woman looking down has her eyes open and the woman facing up has her eyes closed.  This could represent Charlottle looking over Raney in the hospital and trying to figure out what was best for her.

My Review:  I bought this book because it was less than $5 at Barnes&Noble, but let me tell you this book was great.  It was unlike most books I've read before because it was so medical, but not confusingly so and it didn't sound like a research paper either.  Charlotte was Raney's doctor so she had to deal with all of the things that came with that and, of course, that means medical terminology that I don't know very well, but through the context of the book I could figure out enough to not have to look it up online.  
This book was crazy in the way it all worked out and how all of the characters were connected to each other.  Eric was in love with Raney, but the timing was never right for them and he was sick and never called her back so she got married.  It was interesting because breaking up with someone can be good, bad, or neutral and it's so different for everyone.  Eric was able to move on and he found Charlotte, but it took him some time to fully commit to her because he knew his future was uncertain.  Raney married Cleet and then David and her life seemed to go downhill after Eric left for good.  Except for Jake, who was her entire world.  I liked Charlotte and Eric together, but it made me a little sad to think of what could have been.
And then the whole Chimera thing that totally blew my mind and made me automatically think of Teen Wolf.  So I guess that means Jake was 50% Raney, 25% Cleet, and 25% Eric (?) or something like that.  It was amazing because I knew Eric had to be Jake's father because of his disease and physical resemblances, but his dark skin tone threw me for a loop and I was trying to figure out how they were all connected.  Who knew that something like this could happen outside of a laboratory?!
I definitely recommend this book, and I also encourage you to look through the sales bin at whatever bookstore you shop at and find something new! 

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