Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nothing Less by Anna Todd | Book Review

Nothing Less by Anna Todd

Reading Group: Anyone who has read Nothing More

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary: Old School Manners
The hectic pace and noise of New York City don't stay on the surface: they get into you, affect you.  Landon Gibson has always been the nice guy, the one who would do anything for anyone -- selfless to a fault.  And while he's not on some mission to lose his innate kindness, he's realizing he needs to stick up for himself more, to figure out what he wants and not be shy about it.

Especially when dealing with an ex-girlfriend who runs hot and cold -- treating him badly one day, then proclaiming her need for him the next.  And maybe even more especially when faced with the mysterious Nora -- a girl with at least two names and  a thousand sides to her, some of which really want to jump him, some of which keep pulling her away.  

If there's a mystery at the core of these relationships, Landon also knows it's the mystery of finding a great life.  He just wants someone to call his own.  So here's to hoping that the battleground that is dating in New York isn't just a little too advanced to him. 

Cover: I really like how this cover has out of focus lights on it.  I think it gives it a great dimension and also shows off the yellow text nicely.

My Review: (Disclaimer before I get started on this review: I am writing this on Saturday, but my finals start on Monday (so yesterday for anyone reading this the day it goes live) and my brain is very preoccupied with the New Testament.  So I apologize if this review isn't very good, but to be fair I didn't even think I would get this posted this week) 
Oh my Landon!  He's just such a sweet guy, which we knew from all of the After books, but he lives up to it in his own stories as well.  However, he isn't quite as innocent has he was made out to be, and it's really not a bad thing.  I was so happy with the ending because Dakota was so annoying.  Some of the times I felt bad for her because her past wasn't the greatest, but most of the time she just did things that were mean for no reason.  Landon is one of those characters that everyone just loves and no one wants to see bad things happen to him.  So when bad or confusing things do happen to him, it's always interesting to see how it all pans out.  I thought this book was a great addition Anna Todd's novels.  I don't know if this is the last we'll read of these characters (I hope not.  I need Anna to release a bunch of shorts about what happens in the two years between Hardin visiting New York and Landon's wedding.  Even if it's just on Wattpad), but if it is I think it is a very nice ending to everything.  Stories like this remind us that everything really does work out in the end. 
A lot of this book is on Wattpad and even though I got super excited whenever I saw that it was updated, now that I've read the whole thing I wish more of it was left as a surprise for the paperback version.  I think if the Wattpad version ended before you found out Nora was married it would have made it better because that was the big plot twist.  Also it made the book feel shorter because once you got to the part that was new there was only about thirty pages left.  So yes, I loved that it was on Wattpad, but I wish less of it was revealed online.   

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