Tuesday, April 4, 2017

26 Kisses by Anna Michels | Book Review

Reading Group: 16-years-old+

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Synopses: Kasie West meets Morgan Matson in this hilarious and heartwarming debut about a girl’s summer mission to get over her ex-boyfriend by kissing her way through the alphabet.

Getting dumped by her boyfriend is not how Veda planned on starting her summer. When Mark makes it clear that it’s over between them, Veda is heartbroken and humiliated—but, more importantly, she’s inspired. So she sets out on the love quest of a lifetime: use the summer to forget about Mark, to move on, and move up. All she has to do is kiss twenty-six boys with twenty-six different names—one for each letter of the alphabet.

From the top of the Ferris wheel at her hometown carnival to the sandy dunes of Lake Michigan, Veda takes every opportunity she can to add kisses (and boys) to her list, and soon the break-up doesn’t sting quite as much. But just when Veda thinks she has the whole kissing thing figured out, she meets someone who turns her world upside down.

Cover: I think this cover is really cute.  It's 26 kisses; lipstick kisses with a letter designated to each one.  It's clever and tells what the book is about in a simple way.

My Review:  I really enjoyed this book, and it was a quick read for me.  Being dumped the way Mark dumped Veda was definitely a shock, and it seems the best way to get over being shocked is to shock everyone else around you.  So Veda goes from the girl who only ever kissed one boy for two years to the girl who kissed 26 boys in one summer.  Of course, this came with some fallout when her little brother started hearing rumors about her and when those rumors were blown out of proportion (but what rumor isn't?).  And I know people may have been upset when Killian came around, and Veda wouldn't go out with him because she wanted to finish the challenge.  I mean come on, why kiss a bunch of randos once and be called a slut when you can kiss one boy all the time?  The challenge/dare/bet whatever you want to call it started as a way for her to get over Mark and it worked.  When Killian was in the picture Veda was over Mark and ready for a new boy.  But I get why she wanted to finish it.  She needed the accomplishment of it, even if it meant being called awful things behind her back and getting weird facebook messages.  I think we've all been in situations that we really want to quit, maybe even tell ourselves we're going to, but never do.  I know I've done this in school (nerd alert!).  I took AP Stats my junior year of high school and even from the summer work I knew I was going to hate it.  I could have dropped it, added a study hall to my class schedule, and been perfectly happy, but I didn't.  I stuck with it and hated every second of it, but when it was over, I was really proud of myself.  Now, I know, those are two different situations, but I really don't think they're all that different.  At the end of it all, I got out of taking a math class in college and Veda ended up with Killian anyway.  Because I think he understood too.  Even though he hated everything about the challenge, he let Veda finish it, even helped her, because he knew that was how he was going to get what he wanted.  The challenge worked for more than just getting over an ex.  It helped Veda step out of her comfort zone, finally deal with the Seth situation, and realize exactly what she wanted in her life.  I think we could all learn something from Veda's summer.    

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