Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken | Book Review

Reading Group: SM for Slightly Mature

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Synopsis: "I have a proposition for you." Kacey should have run the minute those words left Seattle millionaire Jake Titus's mouth. It's been years since Kacey's seen her childhood friend Jake, but the minute Jake mentions his ill grandmother, Kacey is ready to do anything for the sweet old woman. And if that means pretending they're engaged for her sake-so be it.

But Kacey wasn't counting on Jake's older brother Travis still being there. She calls him "Satan" for a reason: she's never forgotten the way he teased and taunted her. Yet when they meet again, Travis's gorgeous smile is a direct hit to her heart . . . and Kacey's more confused than ever. As the days pass, only one thing starts to become alarmingly clear-she never should have accepted Jake's deal . . . 

Cover: Okay, I don't really like this cover.  Just in general I'm not a huge fan when people are on the cover of books because I like to make up what they look like in my head and it's hard when there is a model of the characters on the cover.  Also, I don't like when covers scream THE PERSON HOLDING ME IS READING A ROMANCE NOVEL! 

My Review: I'm not going to lie to you guys, as far as storyline goes, this book isn't super original.  However, I still loved it and this book was super funny.  I was smiling to myself throughout the entire thing because the characters are great.  They're people I would want to be friends with if they were real because there would never be a dull moment with them.  
Like I said, the storyline was nothing too knew; Girl pretends to be with one boy as a huge favor, but then falls for the other boy whose actually loved her since they were little.  I'm pretty sure if you typed that into google about 1500 different books would pop up.  However, one of my favorite things about books is that even if you read all 1500 of those books, not one of them would be the same.  What I thought was interesting about this story was that straight from the beginning Kacey and Travis are put together.  Jake doesn't even last 5 hours of pretending to be faithful to Kacey.  Even when he decides he could marry Kacey if he needed to, he's thinking about having an affair on the side.  But I couldn't hate his character because he was just so ridiculous.  And then of course by the end, he completely supports Kacey and Travis, and everything works out great.  Travis brought that whole "If a boy is mean to you it means he likes you" to a whole other level.  As a kid, he was not afraid to hurt Kacey if it meant he could then make her feel better.  It never made it to that second step though because why would she turn to the person who tripped her for comfort?  They basically had a prank war that lasted for over ten years.  This book was so entertaining, but it also threw in some serious topics which balanced everything out and made for a great read.         

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