Saturday, March 3, 2018

Studying Abroad: 2 Month Update

Hello everybody!

February was an absolutely crazy time for me that flew by.  I was able to do a lot of traveling, and my brother came to visit me!  It's hard to believe that I have been in London for a full two months now.  If you haven't read about my first month and would like to click here!

I got to visit Windsor Castle on Saturday, February 3rd, which was beautiful.  It's also where the Royal Wedding is going to take place in May, so I was really excited to get to see where it was all going to be.  Plus, when I'm home and watching the wedding on TV I can say 'I've been there!' approximately 90 times.

On Sunday, February 4th I went to a place called Student Central and watched The Super Bowl!  Unfortunately, I had to stay awake until 4 in the morning only to watch the Patriots lose, but my friend is from Philidelphia, so I guess it was nice to see her excited.  Gotta love a good underdog story.  However, the next day I found the closest Dunkin' Donuts to help with my grief.  Thank goodness they have some here.

The next weekend I traveled to Berlin, Germany.  I already wrote a blog post about this so you can read all about it here.  Both the Windsor Castle and Berlin trips were excursions organized by my study abroad program that I signed up for all the way back in November.

Two days after I got back to London, my brother arrived for a visit over my school break.  Again, I already wrote about this so check it out here.  

The day my brother left, Thursday, February 22nd, I went to a The Vamps concert in Camden.  It was part of BritWeek and proceeds went to an organization called WarChild.  I was really excited to go because I love The Vamps music and the tickets were inexpensive.  Unfortunately, they only played about 9 songs, but at the same time, it was nice because I had to be up early the next morning to get to my internship.  I was also blocked by a photographer for a couple of songs, so he gave me his business card with his email and sent me this photo.  How great is that?  A photographer can block me at any concert if this is the outcome.

Tuesday, February 27th was my roommate's 21st birthday, and so we went to a bar called Ballie Ballerson which is a bar with a giant ball pit!  It was so fun to play in a ball pit for about an hour!

As amazing as the night was, it seemed the universe needed me to have some balance because the morning of February 28th was quite the trip.  There is snow in London, which is apparently not normal because it only snowed about 2 inches and yet everything was crazy.  I almost slipped numerous times on the way to the train station and then when I was crossing the street a bus started coming towards me, and I panicked for half a second.  On the train, after a stop, the doors closed and I immediately felt that my hair was stuck in between them.  Everything was fine, I was able to tug it out, but the fear of being scalped was there for a second.  Once off the train a friend and I stopped at Starbucks.  I got a hot chocolate and as we were walking to school I slipped a little in the snow, but I was so happy I didn't spill any of my drink on me.  However, I did manage to get it all over the sleeve of my friend.  We stood on the side of the sidewalk for a good 3 minutes wiping it off with napkins and laughing.  A woman walked by and said, "Oh no" which just made the situation that much funnier.  All of this happened between 8:00 and 9:00am.  Craziness.

Other than all those fun days, February was full of school and internship.  I've also started to get emails from my school back home talking about next semester which is mind-boggling to think that it's time to start thinking about my senior year of college!


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