Friday, August 31, 2018

South Carolina Wardrobe

I don't buy new clothes often, but when my sister planned a huge family trip to South Carolina, I decided that was a good excuse to grab some new pieces.  South Carolina in August is HOT and unbelievably humid, so I tried to choose clothes that were lightweight.  This did absolutely nothing to stop the sweating, but I figured if I was going to sweat out half my body weight every day I was at least going to try to look good while it happened.   

The crop-top I'm wearing here is from Jawbreaking, a few years ago.  I know the company was sold, so I don't think this top is still available.  The overalls are from Shein.

This top is from Charming Charlies and the bottoms are actually the shots from the overalls.

This entire outfit is from Shein, but I got the top last September.

This high-low jumpsuit was something I found in TJMaxx at the beginning of June.

Again, this entire look is from Shein.

If you're interested in seeing more of what I did instead of just what I wore please head over to my YouTube channel.   

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