Sunday, January 20, 2019

New York City & Orlando

In an effort to organize my blog, I have two trips to tell you about that I went on at the end of 2018 into the beginning of 2019.

New York City, New York 
November 24 - 25, 2018
Right after Thanksgiving my sister and two cousins drove to New York City for a night.  We left at about 5:30am on Saturday morning and were about 20 minutes away from home when we got a tire in the middle of the highway and got a flat.  AAA came and changed it for us, and my cousin's parents came so we could switch cars.  We like to start our adventures early.

Although that put us back a little bit, we did make it to New York City without any other issues.  Once we got there, we grabbed breakfast at Tanner Smiths which was really good, and they had live music playing that was amazing.  We spent the day walking around the city - past Radio City, into Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and we popped into the M&M Store.  We also stopped in a few different bars along the way.  That night we went to a comedy show, and I loved every second of it. 

The next morning my sister and I went to The Doughnut Project because my brother wanted us to bring some home and then we went to Milk because of a recommendation our bartender gave us the day before.  Then we all got some food and milkshakes at Black Tap before driving back home. 

Orlando, Florida
December 30, 2018 - January 3, 2019

My roommates and I decided to go to Florida way back in October to visit one of my roommate's grandparents.  However, that roommate ended up having to get her tonsil removed at the last minute and wasn't able to go on the trip.  The other four of us couldn't afford to not go on the trip, so we decided to still go, but shorten it and stay in Orlando instead.

After a day of traveling, we made it to our hotel at about 5:00pm and grabbed some dinner in the hotel.  We sat at the pool for a little bit before going back to our room and watching TV.

Our first full day was New Year's Eve.  We sat at the pool until about 4:00pm and then went to Disney Springs for food and to walk around.  We ended up being in a hot air balloon when the clock struck midnight which was wicked cool because we were able to see all of the Disney parks setting off their fireworks. 

On New Year's Day, two of my roommates went to some of the Disney parks, while myself and my other roommate hung out at Disney Springs.  We ate a lot of good food before heading back to the hotel and going in the pool.  Then we ordered salads from room service to try and balance out all the unhealthy stuff we at in Disney Springs.

On January 2, two of my roommates woke up early to go to Animal Kingdom while my other roommate and I went to Magic Kingdom.  Eventually, we all met up and rode some rides together.  Since it was school vacation, the park was absolutely packed, but we still had a lovely time, and I met Ariel, which was definitely a highlight for me.  

We didn't get back to our hotel until about midnight, and we had to be up at 2:00am to get to the airport.  It was a quick trip with a lot of activities thrown into it, but it was so fun.  Plus, it was nice to visit some warm weather instead of being in Massachusetts for a couple of days.

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