Friday, January 3, 2020

Home for Christmas

As many of you know, I am currently in Scotland studying for my master's degree in Creative Writing. I moved out here in September, and before I left I didn't expect to be coming home for Christmas. I thought it would be too expensive. I also thought that I would be graduating in June. However, one of the first things I figured out when I arrived was that undergrads graduate in June and Postgrads don't graduate until November. Soon after learning that my cousin decided she wanted to go home for Christmas, and I wasn't going to stay behind.
So we booked tickets home, but I didn't tell my parents. Some of my siblings knew and all of my friends did, but my parents had no idea, so surprising them was the first thing to do. My parents, sister, and more were on a trolley seeing Christmas lights around Boston so my brother brought me to the bar they were dropped off at. I hid behind a corner while they filed in and then came around the corner to tap my dad on the shoulder. It was great being able to watch the recognition on their faces as they realized I was standing in front of them.
I loved being home and being able to catch up with friends about everything. We text all the time, but there are certain, little things that we only share when we're together. Plus, whenever we're together we end up new memories and inside jokes. It was also nice to just drive around my hometown and surrounding towns to see things like this lighthouse.
An activity that I did was go to a Bruins game with Liz, Katie, and Patti. Unfortunately, they lost in overtime, but we had a blast. If you're ever in Boston you have to attend a sporting event. Sports are so important to the culture of the city, so you'd being doing yourself a disservice if you came to Boston and didn't at least watch a game in a bar or something.  
We're currently in the middle of a kitchen renovation, so we've been forced to spend most of our time in the basement. Without our normal kitchen, my mom didn't want to make the pizzelle cookies that she usually does for Christmas, but I told her that if she made the batter I would make the cookies. I sat on our basement couch for four hours making these cookies. My dog joined me for a while and I had to keep her nose out of the batter. 
It was definitely worth going home for Christmas. Yes, it was a little expensive, but not terrible in my opinion, especially because we bought tickets in September. And the two weeks went by very fast, but I was glad to see my family and friends. And sleep with my weighted blanket! I miss that thing so much!!


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