Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Man Crush Monday by Kirsty Moseley | Book Review*

Title: Man Crush Monday
Author: Kirsty Moseley
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 3, 2020

Praise for the Novel:
"Adorably sweet, incredibly funny and totally astounding!" - Little Steamy Reads 
"An opposites attract, seemingly unlikely romance that’s a fun read with some unexpected drama. I felt the love and the angst. A great read!" - Keri Loves Books 
"Man Crush Monday is hands down the best contemporary romance with rom-com vibes, I've recently read." - Bookmarks by Jasmina Blog

My review:
Okay, I have to try and do this without giving away any spoilers, but there is a plot twist that is a huge turning point in the book. For that, I will say this: I liked the twist and I guessed it the first time Amy went to Jared's apartment. (I don't think that gives too much away)

What I loved about this book is that Amy is forced to confront herself. She has to reconsider a lot of her past assumptions and choices, which forces her to realize whether or not she trusts herself. It was honestly a little heartbreaking to follow along her journey because she is so confused and truly doesn't have answers to questions people are asking her. She feels guilty for the mistake, and then when she finally makes a decision she feels guilty for how she figures it out as well. And I couldn't help but think that if it was me, I would be reacting the act same way she does. This novel reminds us that sometimes we love our revelations, but don't necessarily love how we get to them.

This novel is considered a Romantic Comedy, which it definitely is. Amy is simply one of those people who others say, "That could only happen to you." Throughout her daily life, she encounters funny, minorly awkward situations that she's able to roll with. And then there is an "opposites attract" theme that causes humor as well because it's naturally funny to watch people who seem so different from one another find common ground.

It comes down to this: I loved this story. The love story was funny, but not perfect, which led to some conflicting thoughts for Amy and me, as a reader. I also found Amy's character very relatable. I would definitely recommend this novel. 
*This book was gifted to me, but the opinions are my own


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