Thursday, April 16, 2020

One Boston Day 2020

Yesterday was One Boston Day, a day that celebrates acts of kindness in remembrance of the Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013. However, instead of remembering the hurt and scariness of that day, One Boston Day promotes selflessness and love. For more information and stories, check out their website HERE
Due to the current pandemic, I decided to focus a little more on self-kindness this year. A few days ago, I decided the best thing I could do for myself is have a day that is super productive, so that's what I did. I woke up really early and hiked Arthur's Seat with my roommate to see the sunrise. Later I went to the grocery store and bought some tulips because my trip to Amsterdam to see the tulip fields is currently canceled. I spent a few hours outlining my dissertation that I have a facetime meeting for tomorrow. I also did some meal prep and updated my scrapbook and journal that I've had since arriving in Edinburgh. The early morning and productive day did eventually catch up with me and I was asleep by 8:45pm, but I felt very accomplished.
For small acts of kindness, I cleaned up the kitchen in my flat, which I share with multiple girls. However, my main thing was emailing a bunch of people (family, classmates, past and current professors, past internship supervisors, etc) and just telling them that I'm thinking of them and the things that they taught me over the years. I think days like One Boston Day/Randon Acts of Kindness Day are nice excuses to reopen lines of communication or say things we think all the time but may feel a little awkward bringing up randomly. Everyone likes to know that they're thought of in a positive light.
The world is very bizarre right now and no one is certain when "normal" will return. Some of us are frustrated, stressed, extremely bored, the list goes on...but it's important to remember to be kind. To ourselves and others. One Boston Day reminds us of how resilient and strong we can be. This won't last forever, but we have to stay patient. 
What's an Act of Kindness you've performed recently?


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