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Beautiful B*itch by Christina Lauren | Book Review

Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren

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Reading Group Rating: M for Mature

Personal Rating: 5 out 5 Stars

Given Summary: A combative relationship. A red-hot attraction. And no time to be alone together. 

Just when Chloe’s career starts to take off, Bennett wishes it would all slow down long enough to spend a wild night alone with his intern-cum-girlfriend. Preferably one in which he can show her he’s still the boss. 

After her continued refusals to take time off with him, Bennett can finally no longer take no for an answer. And so the couple find themselves with two plane tickets, one French villa, and a surprising conversation that, predictably, leaves them wrestling under the covers.

Picking up where Beautiful Bastard left off, Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan continue their fiery love-hate relationship . . . and take it to the next level.

Cover:  This cover features Chloe wearing a suit jacket and tie, but also it appears to me that she's wearing shorts.  I think this shows that Chloe is able to work her butt off and be taken just as seriously as any man, but she can still be sexy.  And due to the fact that her and Bennett often get themselves into steamy situations, I think she does this combo pretty perfectly.

Summary:  Bennett and Chloe are back!  It's been a year since Bennett showed up at Chloe's proposal and they got back together.  Now, they hardly ever see each other and Bennett doesn't like it.  He decides to take Chloe away to stay at a friend of his, Max's, estate in France.  However because of work and moving from Chicago to New York, Chloe decides to go a day later.  Well, a day turns into a few days when her flight gets delayed and they are forced to be away from each other.  They've spent days without each other before because they both travel for work, but this time feels different.  They discover that they don't like being away from each other.  They never want to be away from each other again.  Bennett had gone to his mother's house before he left so he could pick up his grandmothers engagement ring.  When Chloe finally figures out what plane she's on she decides not to tell Bennett and surprise him instead.  She goes to the jewelry store in the airport to buy him an engagement ring.  When she gets to the house Bennett isn't there.  The cook sent him down to the florist to get his mopey self out of the house for a while.  While he's at the florist he realizes the cook actually sent him to meet the female florist, not realizing Chloe was on her way.  He gets back to the house and sees Chloe's suitcases and finds that she is in the shower.  When she gets out of the bathroom, they reunite and the entire speech Bennett has planned to propose goes out the window and he just says he wants to be married to her.  Chloe shows him that she was going to propose to him and makes a comment about him taking her moment.  In the end, she says yes.
This novel also has many flashbacks about the year that has passed between this book and Beautiful Bastard, including a steamy scene where they get caught having sex in Chloe's childhood room by her father and when they go to Bennett's family home as a couple for the first time and his mom says she's been waiting for them to get together.

My Review:  I loved this book.  I liked how it went back and forth between past and present, filling in the year since they got back together.  The story is about them going on vacation to get away from all the chaos, but they are only in France for the last chapter of the novel.  It's more about their journey than their actual trip.  I liked that, it was very "it's about the journey not the destination."  Plus, it was so Chloe and Bennett.  Having to work extra hard to relax.  

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