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Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren | Book Review

Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren

Reading Group Rating: M for Mature

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary: A beautiful bastard of a groom-to-be. A bachelor-party-crashing bride. And one unforgettable night on the Vegas strip.

When Bennett’s friends steal him away from Chloe for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, their first stop doesn’t exactly go as planned. Their scheme for a guys’ weekend completely derailed, Bennett and Max take every chance they get to rendezvous secretly with the women they love. But when the persistently single Will Sumner catches on, the pair realizes they need to team up with him instead of butting heads if they’re to escape for more sexy Vegas hookups. 

Beautiful Bastard’s Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan are back for one last blazing prewedding hurrah- but if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they might not ever want to leave!

Cover: I'm assuming this cover is of Chloe, but it could be Sara.  My guess is Chloe because the book is about Bennett's bachelor party and he's marrying Chloe so it makes sense that she would be on the cover.

Summary: It's Valentine's Day! But Bennett is in Vegas for his Bachelor Party... oh... Bennet, Max, Henry, and Will are all very busy men and the only weekend they could all get away was Valentine's day weekend, which kinda stinks for Bennett and Max.  The novella starts with all of the boys in a club, one of Johnny's Clubs.  Remember him?  He's a friend of Max and Sara.  Anyway, Max arranges for Bennett to get a lap dance in one of the rooms.  Bennett complains and repeatedly sys he doesn't want to, but eventually gets peer pressured into going into the room.  He puts on a blindfold and gets a very uncomfortable lap dance.  THAT IS until he realizes that the dancer is actually Chloe. She and Sara came to Vega to crash the Bachelor Party and spend Valentine's Day with their boys.  Sara and Max also get it on in the club...A little bit different than Bennett and Chloe and with some viewers.  After that the night goes on with the boys doing whatever they can to ditch their two friends and meet up with the girls.  Bennett fakes a medical problem to have sex with Chloe in a casino bathroom.  Max steals a limo to meet Sara at a theater and have sex while the showgirls practiced a peep show.  Henry hardly notices because he spends his time gambling, but Will is a little sad that his friends are abandoning him to have sex with their fiancé/girlfriend.  Max decides that he and Bennett need to hire Will a prostitute to cheer him up, but a transvestite escort comes instead and Will is not exactly pleased.  The boys meet up with the girls at a casino and they all play the tables together.  Chloe even wins a few grand.  However, Will is still not over the whole being kissed by a transvestite thing so he hires some goons to make Bennett and Max feel like they're getting arrested, only coming clean when the boys are really sweating.  The book ends with Bennett coming back to his hotel room to find Chloe asleep.  They have sex, but they have a really cute conversation about how much they love each other and how excited they are to get married.

My Review:  Max and Bennett!!!  I love that it is only from their perspectives and neither of the girls.  This novella is so cute and simply funny.  These boys are the friends you want to have, always playing pranks on each other and having a good time.  I love that it takes place on Valentine's Day and that it's only on Valentine's Day.  The girls didn't crash the entire weekend, just one night.  I really liked that.  It would have been kind of annoying of them if they crashed the entire Bachelor Party.  The realisticness of Christina Lauren's characters is something I can't get over.  They're all normal people in love and they're all best friends.  I love it!

Smile!  I'll talk to you soon!xxx
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