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Frigid by Jennifer L. Armentrout | Book Review

Frigid by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Reading Group Rating: SM for Slightly Mature

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Given Summary:For twenty-one-year-old Sydney, being in love with Kyler isn't anything new. They'd been best friends ever since he pushed her down on the playground and she made him eat a mud pie. Somewhere over the years, she fell for him and fell hard. The big problem with that? Kyler puts the 'man' in man-whore. He's never stayed with a girl longer than a few nights, and with it being their last year in college, Syd doesn't want to risk their friendship by declaring her love. Kyler has always put Syd on a pedestal that was too high for him to reach. To him, she's perfect and she's everything. But the feelings he has for her, he's always hidden away or focused on any other female. After all, Kyler will always be the poor boy from the wrong side of tracks, and Syd will always be the one girl he can never have. But when they're stranded together at a posh ski resort due to a massive Nor'easter, there's nothing stopping their red-hot feelings for each other from coming to the surface. Can their friendship survive the attraction? Better yet, can they survive at all? Because as the snow falls, someone is stalking them, and this ski trip may be a life-changer in more ways than one.

Cover: I think this cover is pretty straightforward.  It's Syd and Kyler looking at each other lovingly while it snows.  I think the title of this story means a lot more.  There's the obvious reason: They get stuck in a  snow storm and lose power.  It's frigid.

However, I think the second definition is the more important one.  Frigid: (especially of a woman) unable or unwilling to be sexually aroused and responsive.  Sydney's ex-boyfriend called her frigid once and it stuck with her for years.  She was afraid she was frigid and that Kyler thought she was frigid.  Remember kids, words can be just as painful as wounds.  It's Sydney's major insecurity and it is referenced throughout the entire novel.

My Review: So I actually didn't read this novel until after I read Scorched.  It didn't make a huge difference in the series.  It was just that Kyler and Sydney's story happens before Andrea and Tanner's story.  It was actually kind of funny because there is a point where Andrea says that it's always the boys that mess up a relationship, when she was the one who made things a little rocky between her and Tanner.  And there's a part where Tanner says he'll never fall in love.  But anyways, I decided to post this review first because this is the first book in the series.

I loved this story.  It was a storyline I've read a few times where best friends love each other, but the boy is a man whore and the girl secretly wants him.  However, every time I read a story like that I get sucked in and every author has their own spin on it.  I loved that they were stranded in the blizzard and where almost forced to admit how they felt.  I loved that Kyler wanted Sydney to believe she deserved better from him.  I also loved Zach's character.  He was creepy from the start and he was scary, but I liked that he was stalking them and messing with their safety.  I just thought his character added more to the story and made it more interesting.

I think that if you are in love with your best friend, this story kind of shows you how much your relationship changes if you try to transition from friends to more.  Especially if it doesn't go well.  Everyone is effected because you hang out with the same people, you know some things from the past that you might not have shared with a boyfriend/girlfriend.  It's just different than meeting someone at a party or bar or being set up and living happily ever after.  However, if it does work out, it works out in the best possible reason because of the same reasons.  There's a reason it's the basis of a lot of books.  

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