Monday, October 14, 2019

Look Back on Twenty-Two

I was texting with some friends the other day trying to figure out where the line between early and mid-twenties lies. We decided that 21-23 are early twenties, 24-26 are mid-twenties, and 27-29 are late twenties, which makes sense mathematically, so it was pretty easy for us to all agree on.
So here I am, officially in the final year of my early twenties. My birthday was Tuesday, October 8, but before I fully embrace being 23, I wanted to take a look back on what being 22 brought me.
This was my second year using the "1 Second Everyday" app. I love using this app, but there were definitely a few days I wasn't using my phone or forgot to record something. When that happens, I try to recreate something or put in the picture that correlates with what I did that day. However, you'll probably figure out that any day where I'm wearing a pink long-sleeve and speaking to the camera is a make-up video.
Last October, I was a senior at Saint Anselm College, living in an on-campus apartment with two of my best friends and two girls who I didn't know when the year started, but quickly became close with.
It was also an exciting time because the Red Sox won the World Series! I skipped school and went to the parade with my best friend, Casey. I filmed the day, and you can watch it here
It was also a time for me because I was writing my thesis. I chose to write it about "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving and how different adaptations have sprung from that original piece of work. It was a long process, but now it's an essay I am extremely proud of. Let me know if that's something you'd want me to write about in more detail :)
In November, my sister and cousins went to New York for a night. This involved a flat tire, sightseeing, and a comedy show. And then in December, I spent New Year's Eve in Orlando, Florida, to visit Disney. I wrote about both of those trips in a blog post you can read here.
I also went to Providence to visit my best friend, Erin and see Anastasia the Musical. I've talked about my fascination with Anastasia Romanov a lot this year, but it's true. This play was amazing!
And at the beginning of December, my family and I got all dolled up to go to my brothers' best friend's wedding. It's not something we do very often as a whole family, but the wedding was a blast!
When my second semester of senior year started, I had a new internship that I really enjoyed, and I was still working on my thesis. At the end of January, I was talking with my boss, who is also a professor at my school, and he talked me into applying to Grad School - something I wasn't super interested in pursuing originally. I was fully applied by the beginning of March and accepted by the beginning of April.
February brought another New England victory and even more celebrating. Unfortunately, my schedule didn't allow me to attend this parade, but I watched it on TV.
During the first week of March, my sister and I went to California to visit her friends and our cousin. We saw the sights, toured Dodgers Stadium, went to a Kings game, and went on a Wine Safari. I wrote about that more in-depth here.

With the spring came graduation and the Senior Days we had leading up to that. I filmed the weekend, and you can watch that here.
This summer, I went on a road trip with my best friend, Erin. It was almost two weeks of making our way from Massachusetts to Colorado. I filmed the entire trip, and you can watch those videos here. I also went to New Hampshire for my Aunt's birthday, Philadephia, for a friend's birthday, and Maine for a final hurrah! with friends. I wrote about all those trips here.
I have taken on the mantra, "Make plans, God laughs." because that's what 22 felt like for me. If you had asked me on my 22nd birthday how I thought I'd be spending my 23rd, I would have said that I'd be living at home and working, probably in some entry-level marketing position because I wouldn't be able to afford to live in New York and work at a publishing company. Instead, I'm living in Scotland and studying for a Master's in Creative Writing.
Like I said, this is my second year using the "1 Second Everday" app. I bought it right before I turned 21 because that year I had a trip planned for Iceland and I was studying abroad in London. I never expected 22 to top that, but I think it did. And I've got a few things planned for 23 that might make that year even better, so I hope you keep following along!


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